Don Bosco Pugad Bakeshop

Don  Bosco Pugad is a halfway home for youth in conflict with the  law, poor and needy migrant youth. These migrant youth are the ones who  need most  the support  and assistance of the government and non-governmental groups  because they have fallen victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual  exploitation.

It is with this kind of social background that Don Bosco Pugad has taken as its social advocacy to uplift the lives of these young people  by empowering them through a holistic kind of formation that would take care of their  physical, social education, moral and spiritual needs.

Don Bosco Pugad

Don Bosco Pugad continues to support the poor and needy migrant youth through its livelihood programs like its water refilling station and it’s bakeshop. Pls. support Don Bosco Pugad by purchasing some of their bakery and pastry products so that they can continue to help the migrant youth of today.

Don Bosco Pugad Livelihood Program

Don Bosco Pugad Bakery:  Livelihood Program for Street Children, Poor and Needy Migrants

Address: A. Arnaiz Avenue, Corner Amorsolo St., Makati City

Tel.No. 843-8517        /    0920-9692528

Bakery and Pastries Price List:



  1. Regular Pandesal —————————-P25/pack
  2. Whole Wheat Pandesal ——————- P50/pack
  3. Malunggay Pandesal ————————P50/pack
  4. Ashitaba Pandasel————————— P60/pack
  5. Egg Pandesal———————————–P25/pack
  6. Pan de Coco ————————————P50/pack
  7. Tasty Bread (small) ————————– P25/pack
  8. Tasty Bread (large) ————————– P50/pack



  1. Ashitaba Cookies ———————- -P145/box
  2. Malunggay Cookies ———————P120/box
  3. Raisin Cookies —————————–P100/box
  4. Choco Cookies —————————–P100/box
  5. Brownies ————————————-P100/box



  1. Banana Muffin —————————— P80/box
  2. Banana-Choco Muffin ——————–P100/box
  3. Cranberry-Carrot Muffin—————- P130/box
  4. Malunggay Muffin ————————- P100/box



  1. Puto ———————————————-P50/box
  2. Leche Flan ————————————–P70/box
  3. Peanut Butter ( Sugar Free) ————-P80/box
  4. Peanut Butter ( Sugarless) ————– P90/box
  5. Pugad’s Bagoong —————————–P80/box
  6. Pugad’s Pure Honey ———————–P100/box


For those who want to help the livelihood program of Don Bosco Pugad by making an order today, pls. contact these numbers:

Don Bosco Pugad   –   Tel.No. 843-8517        /    0920-9692528


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