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Good Filipino food and cakes are just a phone call away with Goldilocks and Goldilocks Delivery.

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The cake shop offers an eclectic mix of delicious cakes and pastries both local and foreign as well as great tasting All-Filipino dishes.

Every time you order from the Goldilocks Delivery Hotline888-1-999 , you are making sure that you are only getting the best Pinoy products that’s oh so delicious.

What’s great about Goldilocks is that unlike other fastfood chains, they have a distinct local flavor that makes you want to sample all of their products. Looking at the mouth-watering menu alone will make you think that Goldilocks is as Filipino as the Jeepney, Sampaguita and carabaos.

Goldilocks Menu

An even amazing feat that Goldilocks Foodshop and Bakeshop has managed to do is to combine various elements to make it entirely theirs. From Cakes for birthdays and other important celebrations, customers can also branch out into ordering other foodstuff like Pinoy classics such as Puto (or rice cakes), lumpia (both in shanghai rolls or in sariwa) and even the classic Sotanhon.

butter puto goldilocks

Goldilocks Butter Puto


Note: Prices Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice

Goldilocks also offers other great treats including loaf breads in various flavors including monggo, ube and much much more. It also offers modern takes on classic recipes such as Shanghai Cheesebomb and the Golden Chicken.

Goldilocks Shanghai Cheesebomb

To prove the point that Goldilocks is more than just a cake shop, they have been serving some of the best Kare-Kare (which tastes really great with their own unique bagoong) and other native delicacies such as Dinuguan, Pork Siomai, Cheesy Siomai, Beef Caldereta, Rellenong Bangus and Chicken BBQ.


Goldilocks Kare-Kare


Goldilocks Beef Caldereta


There are lots of great tasting food stuff from Goldilocks that you can have delivered straight to your door. From Filipino delicacies, to sweets and pastries, to mouthwatering cakes and baked products to even pasta and even heavy hitting Filipino dishes. Ordering via Goldilocks Delivery – 888-1-999 will definitely set you on the right mood no matter what time of the day it might be.

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  1. Paul Snell says:

    I live in USA and want to have a cake delivered in Cagayan De Ore, PH. They only have a phone # for PH. How can I do this?
    I will be paying by credit card.

    Please help me. It’s for a birthday next week.

  2. admin says:


    It is best to send money directly and have them buy the cake.
    The alternative is to use group buying websites in the Philippines



  3. leziel says:

    You May order online thru

    you have to check if they are delivering in your city though because the contact person/consignee will have to pick it up from any store/branch you choose.



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