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One of the good effects of technological innovation today is the existence of smartphone apps like the concierge app Honestbee. It’s a mobile application that allows you to find almost any product, from groceries to food choices. No need for you to leave your kids at home or to worry about your deadlines as you shop. Let’s be honest, there are times that you have to visit lots of malls in your area when looking for important stuff that can be expensive by the way since you’ll get tired and hungry, which means you’ll spend more than your allocated budget. Just thinking all about it is already exhausting!

While online grocery delivery has always been around for some time now, lots of people refrained themselves from partaking since no app has offered a critical mass of options they want to purchase, making them visit the grocery shop anyway. But Honestbee grocery concierge service is way different; you can shop from the number of partner-stores but place everything into a single order. Amazing right?!

So, rather than running around three or four different shops hunting for stuff, why not get it all done in one go and from the comfort of your home. Essentially, Honestbee has eliminated the need to run errands.

Honestbee app

In addition, the other reasons why this mobile app is so great is that the noted prices are exactly the same as what the stores have in their outlets, the app is very user-friendly (both for IOS and Android gadgets), and it offers same-day delivery service, one-hour delivery windows in particular.

And since it’s a “concierge” service, it means that an actual human being is shopping on your behalf and marks your “must buy” list. Another good thing about this is that in case something on your list isn’t available in the store, they will inform you and let you know about it and ask for possible alternatives; the website also has a system that allows you to choose a backup alternative for every item beforehand that your shopper can automatically default to.

Their customer service is also impressive. The Honestbee team is very responsive and friendly as well. There are frequent promos too, like the free delivery, discounts and more. And if you’re a first-time user of this concierge app, you can take a certain amount off your initial order that is subject to a minimum amount spent, which varies from country to country. Honestbee is definitely a huge help when you need to stock up your essentials. Honestbee customers can definitely look forward to its continued growth.

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