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Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC has one of the best fried chicken recipes in the world. It is really so good and addictive. If you are in the Philippines, it is really not hard to get KFC food delivered. Just think of what you want to order and then call them up and your food will be with you in half an hour. It is really that simple. I tried it out myself last Sunday and I surely enjoyed it.

KFC Chicken

 While thinking of what to order, I figured I should go for KFC, because it is something that’s really good for a decent price. And true enough, I got my money’s worth with a 2-piece fried chicken (one hot and crispy and one original), some mashed potatoes, and some coleslaw.

KFC Hot and Spicy Chicken

There are, of course, the classics such as the original or hot and crispy fried chicken. They also have the Zinger chicken sandwich which is one of best in the business and many other things. From time to time they also have new recipes and combos in their menu that will surely fit your taste and budget. If it’s for the entire family, you can even get a bucket meal that has 6 pieces of fried chicken and a lot of other stuff that your family will surely enjoy.

For those who are low in budget, you can try out their flavor shots meal that is only somewhere around 60 pesos (about 2 dollars almost). There are even fruit shakes and other desserts! For your kids, there are meals that are prepared especially for them that comes with free toys. So really KFC Delivery Philippines menu is perfect for everyone in the family. The flavor shots meal for me is the the best value for money meal you can get in KFC. It can satisfy your immediate hunger and enjoy their world famous chicken recipe and gravy.

KFC delivery in the Philippines is as easy as dialing 887-8888.

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