Max’s Restaurant became popular because of their tender, juicy, and delicious fried chicken. This traditional Filipino restaurant were known to the be “The House That Fried Chicken Built”. Their recipes were purely Filipino dishes that became people’s favorite. Max’s already established a name for how many years and a tradition that still patronized by people until now. Providing and offering delightful recipes and creating more Filipino favorite dishes in a fine- dining atmosphere with quality service.

Maxs Restaurant Delivery

Good news, Max’s now offers a Summer take out treat for your exciting and fun adventure this summer. It comprises of Max’s fried chicken, rice, regular pancit canton, halo-halo and drinks for only P1098.90 (inclusive of delivery charge within Metro Manila only) good for the whole family and friends. But if you need foods that are good for 20 people or more for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc. Max’s wants to be part of your memorable moments they give you Cater Tray Set menu for only P6999.00. Another offer is the Per table set menu that is good for 5 to 10 persons for only P2549.80. There are many choices for both cater tray and per table set menu. You can call 7-9000 Max’s delivery for your order and they will gladly deliver your food in your house.

Aside from group meals, Max’s also have something special for single diners. They have combo meals in which you can have the juicy fried chicken and another max’s dish all in your plate like Fiesta Plate fresh (P207.90), budget meal (P192.50), or platter meal (P218.90).

Just what I’ve said earlier they serve Filipino dishes like Pancit canton regular (P193.60), Pancit bihon (P187.00), Kare-kare (P368.50), Sinigang na baboy (P271.70), Lechon Kawali (P295.90) and my favorite crispy pata (P385.00). They also have vegetables and seafood dishes. Max’s restaurant will not be max’s restaurant without their yummy Max’s fried chicken regular (P409.20), family fried chicken (P484.00), and family chicken basket (P468.60).

I really enjoyed the “sarap to the bones” fried chicken of Max’s restaurant. But guess what, they have more meals to offer for your breakfast, lunch, merienda (snack), and dinner. For any celebrations or gatherings with your families and friends, Max’s restaurant is open and ready to serve you especially for food delivery, simply call 7-9000 Max’s delivery.

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