Jugnos Monster Pizza Delivery

Pizza lovers looking to conquer a monster-sized hunger should probably go and enjoy the delicious and belly-busting pizza from Jugno’s Monster Pizza

Jugno’s features several flavors including the classic pizza flavors we all love such as pepperoni, Hawaiian, Italian sausage, Bacon and for vegans who still love pizza, Jugno’s offers their classic All-Veggie monster pizza. For those craving for other pizza flavors Jugno’s also offers distinct pizzas such as “Anchovy Lovers”, “Pork Overload”, “Asian Nights”, “Jamaican Ye’ Mon Monster”, but its still their “Beef N’ Mushroom” pizza that takes the whole cake or rather the pizza.

Jugnos Pizza Delivery

Another thing you should know about Jugno’s Monster Pizza delivery is that they serve pizza’s in different sizes out of the usual 20”. Once you give Jugno’s Monster Pizza a call, you would most probably be asked what size would you like your pizza to be. You see Jugno’s delivers pizzas in three different sizes. They have the kids’ size pizza which is 7” and can fill out one to two people. For groups ranging from 4-6 Jugno’s also have what they call the “Mini-Monster” and has a size of approximately 12” and finally their famous 20” pizza which can serve 8 or more people at one sitting.

Jugnos Monster Pizza will definitely fill satisfy your craving for a good meal. When you order the pizza from Jugno’s at 531-3756 or 534-0573 expect a bit of a longer wait time especially when you order their trademark Monster pizza.

Jugnos pizza

Pizzas from Jugno’s are also great because you can customize your order. You can have a maximum of four different pizza flavors all rolled into one circular pizza.

If you are looking for other food stuff from Jugno’s you won’t probably see any other thing on the menu aside from pizzas and more pizzas. If you’re just looking for your next big challenge when it comes to food, Jugno’s pizza will definitely give you the challenge you truly deserve.

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  1. AMANDA says:

    to all the customers our delivery hotline numbers have been changed.
    the following are the new numbers
    makati – 09369026921
    – 09997591392
    q.c – 09055373702
    – 09288944925
    – 09369027844

    manda – 09063051132
    – 09288944927
    – 09369026849

    manila/ nagtahan – 09179011239
    – 09288944926
    – 09369027846

    paranaque – 09369027847

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