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If you looking for some good pizza to match your bonding time with the family? Well to be quite frank there is nothing like having a pizza hut to eat on. And some people that there is no better pizza brand that can do the magic trick quite like Pizza Hut Delivery.  They boast of a wide variety of food that suites every single member of the family ranging from pastas, chicken, salads, pizza and a whole lot more.

pizza hut deliveryIf you’re getting a delivery might as well make sure that you would try their classic pizzas more specifically the Meat Lovers which is priced right around PHP 309 for regular and PHP 499 for family. If classic is not your thing, then better try out the Stuffed Crust Pizza, which contains a stuffing (cheese or sausage) in the crust.

Pizza Hut boasts of a wide variety of pizzas so if you want to taste something new then you better try their Italian delight line as well. The said line is priced right around PHP 299 – PHP 500. I would recommend you try out the Supreme which boasts of 6 choice toppings – beef, pepperoni, onions, seasoned pork, bell pepper and mushrooms, on a bed of premium tomato sauce.   If you are still not satisfied with that, then why don’t you try customizing your food? The company has recently offered “A Create Your Own Pan Pizza” wherein you can choose the toppings that you’d want to include.

The Pizza Hut Delivery Number is 911 – 1111

Pizza Hut has a variety of pizza choices I would recommend that you try a number of them to experience determine which one is the best . But for doing that, I would like to provide you a short list of other food that are included in their menu.

1.     Chicken Wings

2.     Pork BBQ Rice

3.     Roast Chicken With Spaghetti

4.     Caesar Salad

5.     Mozzarella Sticks

As I have said in the opening part of this article, there is something for the entire family in Pizza Hut’s menu so what are you waiting for? Dial 911 – 1111 Pizza Hut Delivery now and experience pizza like no other. Don’t think twice and satisfy your cravings now. They also have promos such as the Palm Card which allows the customer to have a free pizza whenever he buys one! What are you waiting for? Call their delivery hotline now and enjoy their Pizza!

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